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Get referrals or affiliates to any program 1 day - $ 4.99
Get referrals or affiliates to any program 1 day - $ 4.99
Get referrals or affiliates to any program 1 day - $ 4.99
Get referrals or affiliates to any program 1 day - $ 4.99
Get referrals or affiliates to any program 1 day - $ 4.99
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   Your ad(s) must comply with the terms of the website(s) they're advertised on.
  We reserve the right to deny any advert that we do not see fit to be displayed, including but not limited to: frame-breakers, gambling & adult/warez/illegal content.
  We cannot guarantee nor assure that you would receive any referrals or sales, as we cannot control our visitors actions.
  Conversions depend entirely on saturation or attractiveness of the advertised product or service.
  The traffic we provide is sourced from PTC, TE & Revshare sites (incentive traffic), from whom we purchase in large quantities then resell to our advertisers.
  The only analytics we collect and share with our advertisers, is the amount of visits we've sent them during and after their campaign ends.
  You can request for an URL(s) change once in a 24 hour period but only if your slot has more than 24 hours left until expiration.
  Once your slot goes live, it cannot be paused or stopped.
  Your order will be processed in a maximum of 4 hours from purchase date.
  Payments are accepted from Verified PayPal/Payza accounts only.
  All payments are non-refundable.

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